The northwest magic Europe experience 2018. This is an extended opportunity provided by Coach Vanessa and Northwest magic , for players to experience a culture outside of their own. The Magic Europe Experience comes by way of two good friends , Vanessa Mcclendon (lives stateside) and Patricia Jameson (lives in Germany )..two former team mates with a passion for the game and want to provide this opportunity/experience  for young athletes.
We are only taking up to 7 players this year.  5 spots remaining.  
Magic Basketball European Experience
American Players (13-17)
  • Travel to Germany
  • Train with German Team(s) and Players
  • Participate in Friendship Game(s)
  • Tour Germany
  • Participate in Camps and Training
  • Make New Friends
  • Tryout for German pro team ( 22+)
German Players (13-17)
  • Participate in the Exchange Program- attend an American school and play for Basketball travel team -September- June
  • Play In National College Viewing Tournaments ( July , September, & April)
Cost – TBD
Travel Dates –
August 10-20, 2018
If interested –
Call Coach Vanessa 253-355-6497 (Stateside Director)
Call Patricia Jameson ‭49 171 4732965‬ (Germany Director)
Visit website -
Tentative Schedule
August 10 Travel Seattle to Germany
August 10 Settled
August 11 – 13 August: Camp hosted by the sports club in area;
August 14 – 18 August 1 or 2 day camp on post; practice with the junior professional basketball team; meet the local women’s 1st Bundesliga pro team and coach).
August 19 visit the Heidelberg Castle and downtown HD for shopping, site seeing, etc.
August 20 Travel back to  Seattle