Pass it Forward is an organization started by Vanessa McClendon Gerald McClendon , and Edwina Martin- Arnold    specifically designed to help student athletes who play on traveling basketball teams. The organization houses Northwest Magic Basketball and is responsible for raising funds to help offset and provide for the players within Northwest Magic.

Vanessa , Gerald, & Edwina have dedicated their lives to helping youth. As Co- Founders of the 10 year old basketball program  Northwest Magic Basketball ,  the financial burden it takes on athletes and their families continue to rise..especially at the high school College Viewing level. If a player wants to take advantage of showcasing at the highest level , it can involve extensive travel and therefore extensive $$$. Vanessa, Gerald, & Edwina want the focus to be on the “opportunity” and not limit that opportunity simply because of finances…. Vanessa, Gerald, & Edwina  feel that there are other people that feel the same way and would want to help this cause. We are excited to share the Pass It Forward platform and appreciate your donations and/or sponsorship
Pass It Forward and Northwest Magic are looking to raise funds for our upcoming travel season to cover travel team players

Program Cost
Flights /Hotels

Gerald,Vanessa, & Edwina continue to

donate $ and flight miles to  Pass it Forward , please join us in giving .

Your generous contributions ( monetary , flight miles, and/or hotel points ) are appreciated and all donations, big or small, make a difference!

Please contact Vanessa McClendon for more information regarding the cause or for ways to get involved with the organization.

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Contact Info
Vanessa McClendon/Gerald McClendon
253-355-6497 or by email at