Northwest Magic  is committed to providing high-quality basketball programs in a way that families can afford.  We offer our Travel Team families several fundraising opportunities to help cover the cost of tournament and travel fees.  Please note, per fundraiser, it will specify if its “team” or “individual” Please select from any of the below options to learn more about what fundraising programs fit with the needs of your family. For information or questions about Fundraising….please email (SUBJECT LINE: FUNDRAISER)

*Please note that these fundraising programs are available to our NW Magic players  ONLY

  Free Thow-a-thon

  • Individual Fundraiser- Athletes will shoot 100 Free Throws. The Sponsors can either donate a specific dollar amount for the event or pledge an amount to pay for each shot completed.

All money collected and  completed Pledge Form are due TBD-  Donations collected go towards players account minus any fees attached (credit card, processing, tax, ect)

   To download, CLICK HERE


  Letter Writing Campaign

Donor to specify that the donation is for the NW Magic Organization or a specific player, players, or team. NW Magic  Letter Writing Campaign involves individual players requesting donations from family, friends and supporters. Players will be provided an email template requesting donations. Donors will donate via paypal or write a check.  It is a quick and easy way to raise money!

Checks-  Make Payable to NW Magic


9503 184th Street East

Puyallup, WA 98375

(please specify player name/grade)

Download Letter