Instructed by Northwest Magic Training:  Vanessa McClendon, Kevin Strozier,  Keeshia Thomas, Anthony Clemons, Ben Rodriguez, Ray Navarro, and other Magic certified trainers.

At Northwest Magic, our goal is to tailor training programs to meet the needs of the complete basketball players.  Player will be exposed to comprehensive drills and skill building that will prepare them to become an impact player and teammate for their respective programs, middles school, and/or high school  (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ON A MAGIC TEAM TO PARTICIPATE).

Specialized basketball instruction, speed and agility, Ball Handling, Off the Dribble and Perimeter Shooting, Pro-Style Offensive moves and multiple ways to slash through the lanes and score!


Northwest Magic Trainers have years of experience developing young athletes throughout Washington State and lead our training Sessions.

Our stafff consist of experienced and knowledgeable coaches/trainers that know the game and more importantly, know how to teach it.

Group Training 

  • open to boys and girls 4th-12th grade
  • Walk-in; non magic members $15
  • Magic Members $10


Private Training

There is no faster way to improve your game than private skills training.  A session typically lasts one hour and is packed with specific drills to fit each athletes individual needs.  After a skill evaluation, a personalized program will be created to improve weaknesses and build on strengths.  Parents and athletes may also request to focus on certain skills, and the program will be tailored exactly to your needs in each area.

Basketball is a team sport, but the five individuals on court must have solid fundamentals for the group to succeed.  Players seek private basketball instruction to finely tune their skills.  Magic trainers  offers national training to younger players just learning the game and to those playing at the high school and collegiate levels who want to reach their potential as well as maximize their playing time.

Private Training Program Includes :

  • Weekly Workout
  • Customized Training Schedule
  • Take Home Workouts
  • Discounts on Magic camps  

Private Training Fees-

$60 per session

$200 (4 pack ) for savings –  MOST POPULAR save $40

$550 (10 pack) for savings-  BIGGEST SAVINGS save $50

January Private Training & Group Skills Development Training Schedule

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  • Click Training Class(es) that you will be attending-  Magic players should receive discount code for group trainings
  • If chose private training, once package is purchased, email Coach Vanessa to secure day and time .  If chose group trainings, go to next step below