Travel is essential for exposure.  NW Magic has established travel guidelines and expectations, chaperone guidelines and expectations, and a Itinerary for all trips.

4 Benefits of housing with Your Team

1. Team-Building
Housing together helps builds chemistry which is very important to how the players perform on the court.

2. New Competition
Playing sports out of area  means new competition and a chance to gain new skills. Whether it’s a game of basketball  in the California,  in Dallas , Texas, Chicago, Indianapolis, there’s a unique opportunity to experience various styles of play from different parts of the country.

3.  Break from Routine
Organizing  team hotels allows players and coaches to combine travel, sports, and sense of community  during times of the year that are most convenient for the team. Between classes, homework, sports, and a social life, athletes live a regimented lifestyle, and this is an opportunity for them to have the same kinds of experiences other classmates have.

4.  Growth in Other Areas
Playing sports  has been proven to build character, but why not take it a step further? NW Magic programs are designed with specific Student Learning Outcomes in mind, like grit, independence, adversity, life lessons, and openness to new ideas and experiences. By traveling on a program that combines immersive service learning , students will be challenged to gain skills on and off the court.

We look forward to the opportunity to prepare your athlete for a college-like experience on the road.

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