Why Northwest Magic?

Why Northwest Magic?
You are visiting a Club team that has beat the odds!  Most Club/Select programs only last a few years and we are entering our 16th year. Coach Vanessa played Division 1 Basketball at the University of Oregon and has coached and trained for the last 20 years.   She knows the importance of having quality coaches/people  around her & her players so all of her Coaches have experience, at the College level, high school level, and/or Club/AAU as Players and/or Coaches.
Our Elite Basketball Program: our mission is to develop athletes, to strengthen High School Programs and prepare our student/athletes for College Programs.
•This program is not for everyone…it is a very big commitment both financially and the time it takes to play at the next level.
•We will help to instill the qualities it takes to be a great high school player and the dedication to become a college player.
•Please look seriously at what our program includes and decide what you are trying to accomplish with your players basketball development.
Why NW Magic  is Successful…what is included is the difference between other programs.
Our Brand of Basketball…Great , Coachable, Likeminded Teammates !
•Requirements: our Athletes are student’s first and basketball players second
•Life lessons on & off the court: Values, Communication Skills, Commitment
•Weekly Community Service Projects
•Weekly Quotes and Leadership Presentations by our Players
•High School GPA 3.0 or higher
Doesn’t stop here!
•We follow our Players in High School & College attending 2-3 games per week
•Our Players help build strong College programs and many of them see playing time their Freshman year
•Currently 18 players are playing at the Collegiate
•Daily communication with College Coaches to help find our players the right fit
•To date 45 NW Magic players have played in college . That’s an average of 4.1  players per year in the last 10 years. Value: $1,635,080
What’s included in our fees: no hidden or extra cost
•Administration Fee
•All Tournament Entry Fees
•Number of Tournaments per Team: Blue Star High School Teams 9-11 tournaments (college viewing or prep tournament for college viewing, Youth Magic teams play 8-10 per fall/winter season & 8-10 per spring/summer season
•Van or bus  rentals and liability insurance or Uber for team
•All Group Training Fees (Over 50 plus hour fall/winter ; over 60 plus hours spring/summer)
•Gym rental fees
•Written Post Player Evaluations
•All Gear:  practice shirts, t-shirts, bags, shooting shirts and uniforms…embroidered or printed with (payable directly to vendor)
•The NW Magic Logos (For Blue Star travel teams)
•Website Maintenance & Updates: Player Profile Pages, Schedule Updates, College Player Updates etc.
•Coach’s Salaries for all Training’s and Games
•Liability Insurance
Education for College bound athletes:
1-National Letter of Intent (NLI)
2-The Recruiting Calendar
3-The NCAA Clearing House
4-NCAA Initial – Eligibility
5-Differences between D-1, D-2, D-3, NAIA and NJCAA
6-Official & Unofficial Visits
7-Recruiting Rule